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AIS Gauging presents the revolutionary X-RayTEK sensors, offering contactless and scanning measurements of weight, thickness, coat weight, or material composition on a moving web or strip. The sensor comes in two variants: one for reflection measurement and the other for transmission measurement of products. Precise measurements are achieved by leveraging the X-Ray absorption properties of the material, ensuring accuracy and high resolution across a wide product spectrum.

Our modular design features a stable, high-flux, and low-noise X-Ray source that is digitally adaptable within the 5 to 160keV range, tailored to the material being examined. With a voltage precision of ±2.0 V at 30 keV, measurement stability is upheld. The X-Ray Tube operates with low power, eliminating the need for external cooling systems and extending its operational lifespan.

AIS Gauging introduces an innovative calibration algorithm that facilitates the seamless incorporation of new products. This maximizes the benefits of optimization controls and Return on Investment (ROI). Boasting exceptional accuracy and a rapid measurement response of under 10 msec, X-RayTEK supports swift scanning, leading to meticulous MD and CD control for superior outcomes. This translates to expedited interpretation of product quality, thereby accelerating startups and enhancing quality change processes—particularly advantageous for efficient die control.

With AIS Gauging's GaugeVIEW™, you gain access to streak detection with remarkable precision, detecting resolutions below 0.2mm thanks to advanced Focal Beam Control algorithms. Our Infra-Temp system actively monitors temperature, instantly compensating for air density fluctuations in real-time, thus ensuring unparalleled accuracy in dynamic operating conditions.

X-rayTEK Brochure

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