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Terahertz (THz)

AIS Gauging proudly supplies Terahertz measurement technology, which offers the concurrent assessment of basis weight, coating thickness, and moisture at a remarkable rate of over 1000 points per second. This grants an unparalleled depth of measurement insight, setting new standards in the gauging industry.

Terahertz energy encounters partial reflection during layer transitions, causing both the "amplitude and phase terahertz echoes" to reach the detector with slight delays. This innovative approach enhances measurement information by utilizing time-domain measurement, unlike conventional sensors that solely capture signal amplitude. Within the sensor, the time-domain and frequency-domain characteristics of the THz signals are refined to discern individual thicknesses within multilayer structures.

Time Domain (TD) Terahertz (THz) measurement generates and captures an extremely narrow (<1 picosecond [ps]) electromagnetic (EM) pulse operating within the THz frequency range. This range spans between microwaves (0.1 THz) and far-infrared (IR) (10 THz). The EM photon pulse is non-ionizing, ensuring safety compared to sealed radioactive source techniques. Emitting a low-energy THz pulse (less than 1 microwatt [µW]) allows for focusing, reflection, and treatment akin to any pulsed photon (light) source.

Our analysis methodology revolves around direct examination of Time Domain data through the measurement of changes in Time of Flight (ToF) as the photon pulse interacts with the material. The assessment of ToF for THz pulses empowers us to ascertain basis weight (mass per unit area), as well as thickness and moisture levels in manufactured products. This innovative Terahertz technology redefines measurement precision and versatility.

TeraHertz Brochure

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