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AIS Gauging's BetaTEK utilizes advanced isotope sources to emit a precisely collimated, low-level radiation beam. This beam traverses through the material, and a highly sensitive ion chamber swiftly detects the radiation's attenuation. The resulting attenuated signal, which corresponds to material thickness or basis weight variations, undergoes linearization. This converted signal is then presented as a precise measurement on the operator's console.

The BetaTEK sensors by AIS Gauging are enriched with groundbreaking features that render them the ultimate solution for a wide array of web gauging needs. In applications requiring real-time basis weight and thickness assessment, our sensors excel with dynamic temperature compensation, ensuring accuracy amidst environmental fluctuations. The temperatures of the source and receiver air columns are continuously monitored and adjusted to counteract temperature shifts. Additionally, an air curtain envelopes both the source and receiver air gaps from above and below, creating stable conditions that mitigate sheet flutter and maintain clean measurement surfaces. By measuring air gap curtain temperatures, we achieve unparalleled stability and precision.

Enhancing measurement precision, our technology incorporates a low-noise, high-gain precision electrometer with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio. This empowers us to deliver exceptional measurement resolution, accuracy, and stability. The versatility of our programmable electrometer allows for mounting within the scanning head or remotely away from the process heat, ensuring reliability. With its integrated power supply, heater, and Faraday shielding, it stands as a comprehensive solution.

Our calibration approach employs a polynomial equation to linearize measurement signals, aligning them with customer-required measurement units. This streamlined calibration simplifies maintenance while elevating accuracy. At AIS Gauging, we've crafted BetaTEK to redefine measurement precision and ease of use.

BetaMIKE Brochure

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