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The ShadowTEK sensor embodies a resilient and steady scanning measurement platform complete with an integrated reference roll. This sensor platform incorporates optical, inductive, and temperature sensors, all meticulously calibrated for precise thickness measurement. The space between the inductive sensor and the reference roll is capably maintained within an 8 mm range.

For your measurement needs, you can choose between two reference roll options. There's a precision stainless steel reference roll of variable size, designed with exceptional run-out characteristics to ensure heightened absolute measurement precision. The management of reference roll and frame rail run-out is expertly handled by an air scan compensation utility, effectively eradicating any lingering inconsistencies.

In contrast to alternative structured light sensors, the ShadowMIKE reference roll seamlessly integrates into the measurement frame, significantly enhancing long-term accuracy. This innovation eliminates the need for continuous site realignment and the associated additional costs typically involved in commissioning.

Within the inductive sensor, an internal thermo-electric temperature compensation mechanism is at play, accurate within ±0.1°C. This ingeniously nullifies any potential thermal effects that could impact the measurement head or the space between the optical and inductive sensors. The optical bench is further bolstered by thermo-electric coolers, ensuring unwavering measurement stability across a wide array of environmental temperatures. This temperature stabilization proves paramount for sustaining long-term measurement accuracy. To illustrate, a mere 1°C shift in internal temperature could potentially manifest as a 5-micron measurement discrepancy.

In its entirety, ShadowTEK emerges as an invaluable upgrade option for discerning customers aiming to phase out their beta or gamma gauges, aligning with a forward-thinking Green Initiative program.

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