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InfraTek (IR)

Our cutting-edge InfraTEK light engine revolutionizes the way infrared energy is harnessed, delivering targeted wavelengths to your product with unparalleled accuracy. 


  1. Focused Wavelengths: Our technology directs infrared energy at specific wavelengths, which penetrates your product. These wavelengths are absorbed and then reflected back to a detector, setting the stage for precise measurements.

  2. Signal Analysis: The reflected signals are meticulously compared to reference wavelengths that remain insensitive to the property being targeted. This intelligent comparison enables us to calculate ratios that directly correlate to crucial factors such as basis weight, moisture levels, thickness, or polymer coat weight.

  3. Innovative Design: We've designed the process to be seamless. Infrared light emitted from a low-energy, reliable source is guided toward a parabolic reflector, which then focuses the energy onto your product. To maintain accuracy, an internal reference beam perpetually compensates for electronic drift and lamp decay. This dynamic adjustment ensures continuous measurements without the need for time-consuming off-sheet standardization.

  4. Rapid Response: Speed matters, and our high-reliability brushless servo motor drives a filter wheel at an impressive 250rpm. This lightning-fast motion guarantees a measurement response time of less than 8 milliseconds, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  5. Multi-Filter Versatility: The filter wheel boasts up to 6 filters, facilitating direct measurement of thickness, basis weight, moisture, or coat weight – any three properties – all within a single sensor. This versatility streamlines your processes and enhances your capabilities.

  6. Precision Perpendicularity: Our internal optical angular adjustment ensures the ideal alignment of the source geometry. This meticulous optimization is a game-changer for accurate measurements on reflective surfaces, including coated foils, specific glass coatings, and high-gloss materials.

  7. Superior Signal Quality: We've integrated multiple pass optics with an impeccably polished focusing reflector, culminating in a robust, high-resolution signal for all types of products. This is particularly advantageous for thin films, transparent materials, and coatings.

  8. Tailored Optics: Choose the optical geometry that suits your needs. Opt for the 10mm beam for automatic profile control and high-resolution cross-web measurements. Alternatively, the 25mm beam is perfect for nonwoven products with uneven formations, necessitating a larger area of signal integration.


Experience the Future of Measurement with InfraTEK Light Engine. Elevate your product quality and process efficiency today.

InfraTEK Brochure

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