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AIS Gauging is an industry leader in web measurement technologies providing our customers with the most advanced measurement and control of thickness, coat weight and basis weight. Our sensor designs provide best-in-class speed, accuracy and reliability.

The AAU is designed for off-line testing of product samples. The samples are loaded within the unit, and the “pull-rolls” draw the sample between the measurement source and receiver. Includes either our Apollo beta sensor, or the Atlas X-ray sensor with VEC Technology. Each offers the best-in-class resolution and product measurement accuracy.

AAU Unit.jpg

Measurement Types

Laser, X-Ray, Beta, THz

Measurement Range

>25/inch or 1/mm

Repeatability ±2 Sigma

Better than +/- .1%

Static Accuracy

Better than +/- .25%

Standard Gap:

0.5/1.0 inch

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