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Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency with the Gemini system, a high-resolution, non-contact solution that revolutionizes your measurement capabilities. Detect even the tiniest deviations in weight per unit area distribution with unmatched accuracy. Tailored to your specific recipe, the Gemini system compares nominal and actual values, ensuring your process remains resilient to fluctuations. Embrace real-time, 100% continuous measurement that enables instant detection of material defects and inclusions, empowering you with proactive quality control.

Configurable defect parameters based on size, density, or a combination thereof provide the flexibility you need to address various scenarios. Remote alarming adds an extra layer of quality assurance, enhancing your production's integrity. Embrace complete non-contact measurement of mass, offering a comprehensive perspective on weight per unit area. Our innovative design boasts increased resolution, guaranteeing accuracy and adaptability.

Gain a competitive edge through optimization of material consumption by analyzing longitudinal and cross-direction profiles. Ensure product and production quality by detecting defects, safeguarding against foreign object contamination. The Gemini's multi-tube design minimizes equipment footprint, optimizing your workspace efficiency.

Revolutionize your operations with enhanced X-ray source technology that extends tube life and eliminates failure-related downtimes. Elevate your capabilities, efficiency, and quality control with the Gemini system. It's not just measurement – it's transformation.

Gemini FWM-X Specifications

  • Complete non-contact measurement of the mass (weight per unit area)

  • High accuracy and flexibility due to increased resolution

  • Optimization of material consumption through analysis of longitudinal and cross-direction profile

  • Product or production defect detection for better quality and safety from foreign object contamination  

  • Multi-tube design provides a smaller equipment footprint

  • Enhanced X-ray source technology increases tube life while eliminating failure related downtime.

  • Measuring range: up to 12 lb/ft2 (58.6kg/m2)

  • Max Speed: up to 600ft/min (180m/min)

  • Max Width: up to 160” (4,000mm)

  • Max Height: up to 24” (600mm)

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