BetaTEK Sensor

Our BETA gauge is designed for the online density measurement of a variety of customer products including Paper/Board/Tissue, Plastics, and Textile industries. Additionally, our unique design and sensor knowledge allow us to employ this sensor for online Coating and Converting Measurements and Control.

X-RayTEK Sensor

One of the greatest advantages of the X-RayTEK Sensor is the Variable Emission Control feature, which allows the gauge to be tuned specifically for your application. In other words, with one simple adjustment, the same sensor can be used for multiple products, densities, and applications. This provides for improved resolution.

ShadowTEK Sensor

Following the end-user direction of non-regulated gauging technology, AIS introduces the latest in "True" thickness measurement. The LaserTEK Sensor utilizes an LED optical micrometer that is accurate to +/- .1 micron. This device is designed for customer applications where an absolute thickness measurement is critical, providing accuracy regardless of composition.

Gemini X-Array

The Gemini X-Array Non-Traversing is a patent-pending, non-scanning FWM measurement system utilizing multiple X-Ray sources and a camera reciever. This provides full-width product measurement to .1mm resolution. The data can be displayed using 3D analysis software for full operator viewing and control. This configuration can be employed in both C-Frame and O-Frame.

NIR-TEK Reflection Sensor

Our NIR-TEK sensor is designed to measure moisture and/or coating weights. This gauge provides you with the greatest measurement option and resolution possible. This device can be used as a stand-alone sensor, or may be incorporated into a complete scanning and control solution.

X-RayTEK or BetaTEK Lab Unit

Our Lab Sensor is an X-RayTEK or BetaTEK sensor designed for off-line testing, product monitoring, and quality assurance of product samples. The samples are loaded within the unit, and the pull-rolls draw the sample between the measurement source and reciever. This provides the user with a graphical and numerical data of the product quality.

EchoTEK Backscatter

The EchoTEK Backscatter X-Ray sensor is a one of a kind technological advantage. The Echo sensor is a simple yet rugged design with a low cost of ownership. With it's ultra-high speed signals, the Echo Backscatter is capable of a repeatability of +/- 0.1gsm or .02%. With this sensor, our customer can produce a better product quality, reducing scrap, saving manufacturing cost. 

  Sensor Technologies

AIS Produces a complete suite of sensors with technologies to meet every measurement requirement.  Both Nuclear and Non-Nuclear sensor options are offered.  AIS technical personnel will work together with you to select the best sensor or multiple sensors for any application.  This ensures the quality and accuracy of the measurement as well as the end product of the process.

AIS Sensor Technologies

  • Beta                       
  • Gamma                       
  • X-ray                            
  • Gemini X-Array          
  • Laser                           
  • Microwave
  • Shadow
  • IR Transmission
  • IR Reflectance
  • Inferferometer
  • Color
  • Caliper
  • TeraHertz

Terahertz Sensor

To minimize raw material waste and improve consistency of product, manufacturers of multi-layer products now have a cost-effective solution in a Terahertz sensor from AIS Gauging. The Terahertz pulsed source allows simultaneous measurement of extruded or cast multi-layer sheet products. Terahertz technology is non-nuclear and can be deployed in any enviornment.

LaserTEK Sensor

The AIS LaserTEK sensor is a very reliable, true thickness measurement sensor. The LaserTEK sensor provides accurate measurements of +/- 0.1 micron, while being a safe solution compared to traditional X-Ray or Beta gauges. This sensor is available in many frame configurations, and is the ultimate solution when needing precise-online thickness measurement.