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AIS Gauging deploys a multi-pack scanning sensor to measure Basis Weight, Total Thickness, individual Skin Thickness, as well as steel cord count and location within the product. "This high-reliability scanner and multi-pack sensor was designed for the rigors of rubber production used in the manufacturing of automobile tires" says AIS Gauging Manufacturing PM, Ulrich Lang. "We are very proud of this product and the people who stand behind it."
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AIS Announces Grand Opening of the Innovation Center

10/01/2021; AIS Gauging, ( a global supplier of Web Measurement, Process Control and Support Services, located in Terre Haute, IN, is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our State-of-the-Art Innovation Center. This new location contains our sensor development lab, engineering and technical services, as well as in-house system manufacturing.  There is also a State-of-the-Art Customer Demonstration area which affords our visitors with a chance to see their products running in real-time.    

?This new facility is the latest example of AIS Gauging?s continued commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced technologies available.  It?s all a part of our drive forward into our Manufacturing 4.0 initiative? says John Young, President of AIS Gauging.  ?Factories of the Future are fast becoming a competitive imperative as technology continues to drive manufacturing success. Our customers demand innovative products that help them improve product quality while increasing efficiency.  Our new facility allows us to meet this customer need while positioning us as a global leader in both web measurement and process control.? 

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AIS Gauging Innovation Center - 934 E. Innovation Drive. - Terre Haute, IN  47805

AIS Announces Acquisition of Indev-ACT

08/08/2019; AIS Gauging, ( a global supplier of Web Measurement, Process Control and Support Services, located in Terre Haute, IN, is pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition of Indev-ACT as of August 8th, 2019.

AIS Gauging is a manufacturer and service supplier of web measurement technologies, providing in-line advanced measurement and control for thickness, coat weight, basis weight and moisture, across a wide range of products. The company began operation in 1998 and has completed hundreds of successful installations around the world, with remote offices in India and Singapore. 


Indev-ACT from Dublin, OH, serves the web and metals measurement and control industries with systems designed to improve productivity, quality and bottom-line yield results. Indev-ACT was originally founded in 1969, and now has manufacturing operations in the US and Europe along with additional service and support offices in China, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands and Korea. Both company?s market their products within the plastics, coatings, paper, nonwovens, metals and building product industries.

With this move, the current President of AIS Gauging, John Young, will continue to lead the new AIS-Indev team, while Glenn Wrightsman will assume the position of Vice President of Service and Engineering. According to Mr. Young, The acquisition gives our company an advantage over our competitors based on our combined expertise, product portfolio and dedication to the web and metal industries. Both AIS Gauging and Indev-ACT share a high level of know-how and commitment to our customers. That's what makes this acquisition such a great fit for us and our future. We look forward to sustained worldwide growth while delivering our customers the results they expect. The new company, with its combined resources, will bring innovative and cost-effective products to the market that quickly improve manufacturing yields, quality and production throughput. As a strong leader within the inline measurement and control marketplace, AIS Gauging is firmly committed to the web and metals industries and is uniquely positioned to offer a complete range of measurement and control products backed by highly knowledgeable engineering, operations, sales, marketing and service expertise.


AIS Announces the Release of Gemini FWM-X

05/25/2019; AIS is excited to announce the release of our patent-pending full-width measurement device, the Gemini FWM-X. This unit provides a non-contacting, non-scanning weight per unit area measurement of the target material. The measurement is then displayed on our standard HMI, providing both real-time measurement information and process control. This eliminates the typical inherent delays associated with scanning systems, providing reductions of off-spec material. Additionally, since the unit measures 100% of the web, the Gemini can easily detect product and/or process defects. The defect "triggers" are configured thru the HMI and can be based on size, density, or both size and density. In this manner, the exact location of the defect can be identified and flagged. Imagine the level of product measurement and quality assurance that only the Gemini can provide. For more information, please contact a member of our sales staff.

AIS Announces New Apollo Series Beta Gauges

04/24/2019; AIS is proud to announce the long-awaited release of the APOLLO series Beta Gauges for the density measurement of products and coatings. The series provides two models of gauges, each affording either Kr-85 or Sr-90. The standard offering will be the Micro version, while space-constrained installations will benifit from the Nano version. The Nano is the most compact, full-functioning sensor on the market that includes options for C1D1 installations.

Message From The President - 5th Specialty Films & Flexible Packaging Flobal Summit

2016 September 21st and 22nd, Mumbai, INDIA; Thank you to all of those who helped make the event a wonderful experience. The presenters were very enlightening, and it was nice to meet some of the worlds leaders in the plastics industry. India is poised for tremendous growth throughout the foreseeable future. This growth will require a concerted effort between suppliers, machine builders and manufacturers. As such, our sales and support team in Mumbai is ready to answer the call by providing the gauging and service solutions the industry needs.

Of special mention, during the summit one presenter challenged us all to be innovative. In summary, he indicated that all too often, we find ourselves spending our time copying the competition instead of innovating.  For that reason, we often miss the mark in our opportunity to provide real solutions to the needs of our customers. With that in mind, we came away from the event with a clear objective for the future and look forward to unvieling our innovative solutions soon.  In the meantime, we are going to continue our efforts to reach out to our customers, listen to their needs, and provide the best solutions possible.  


This is who we are, and this is why we do what we do.

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AIS In Tuxedo-Black

As of 08/2021, a formal announcement was made. AIS Gauging now comes in Tuxedo Black! Better looking than your first prom date. Click on an icon below to view the post!

AIS Gauging releases the Gemini Multipoint Measurement Unit (MMU FWM)

08/22/2016; Once again, AIS is redefining the gauging industry by releasing technology that has been previously unavaible. The Gemini MMU FWM is the latest technology designed for harsh environments where normal gauging solutions fail. The Gemini utilizes non-traversing measurements from multiple sources and receivers. Coupled with our IO interface, the combination affords Full Width Measurement that is virtually instantaneous. Most recently deployed within the Wood Product manufacturing industry, the Gemini has proven to be reliable, accurate and durable. Click on the "Gauging Technology" tab to view.

AIS Gauging Releases Atlas/Apollo MC Traversing

07/16/2016; AIS is excited to announce the release the newest offering within our technology line-up. The ATLAS/APOLLO MC Traversing gauge is the most rugged, mini C-frame on the market. The concepts and design afford mouting within locations that were previously not possible. The gauge hase been deployed in multiple markets, with the latest coming from the roofing industry. Because of the compact size, the unit was installed on the line just past granule application. This location provided a faster control measurement than is typical with standard down-stream gauges. The gauge can be ordered in either model, Atlas X-ray, or Apollo Beta. Click on the "Gauging Technology" tab to view.

AIS Gauging Announces Casey Young to head In-House Manufacturing

05/05/2015; As the result of both increased business and manufacturing capabilities, AIS Gauging has placed Casey Young in the roll of In-House Manufacturing Leader. (IHM) Casey will be heading up each phase of system build, from initial order to final delivery. " This will help ensure we exceed customer expectations while improving quality and savings costs." Says John Young, AIS President. "Providing the highest quality product in a timely manor has always been our focus, and we are confident Casey has the ability to continue in this direction." Casey comes to us with a degree in Industrial Technology, and his efforts have already proven valuable with the unveiling of the Olympus O-frame.


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AIS Announces the Relase of the GaugeView Smart App

10/14/2021; AIS Gauging, ( a global supplier of Web Measurement, Process Control and Support Services, located in Terre Haute, IN, is pleased to announce the release of the new GaugeView smart-device app that continuously monitors essential process variables ? as well as ? the operational health of AIS gauges and automatically alerts key personnel if problems arise. The new app, which will be offered with each new gauging system installed, will make its debut at ICEC USA 2021. The Cloud-based app was developed in association with AIS?s push toward total sensor measurement and process control integration into the users Industry 4.0/IIoT environments. The app, which can be downloaded to any smartphone, tablet or other smart device, continuously monitors the operational status of the product measurement system and sends a push-alert if process problems are identified. Users can then make control changes to bring the process back into tolerance, maintaining endproduct qualityany attribute drift out of specification. The app can even track mechanical and electrical systems and compare the usage to maintenance intervals and provide push-notifications when services are required. ?No other gauging system supplier provides this level of monitoring and support to ensure maximum product quality and system reliability,? says John Young, president of AIS Gauging. ?We developed this app to As an added benefit, the app also monitors the health of the gauging system through 16 key variables for each measurement sensor installed. The variables are then compared to configured limits within the system and the app then delivers a similar push-alert should any attribute drift out of specification.  The app can even track mechanical and electrical systems and compare the usage to maintenance intervals and provide push-notifications when services are required. ?No other gauging system supplier provides this level of monitoring and support to ensure maximum product quality and system reliability,? says John  Young, president of AIS Gauging. ?We developed this app to give our customers secure and direct access to their process measurement and control system anywhere and at any time. However, imagine the peace-of-mind it gives our
customers to know their systems are being monitored 24/7 and that, if any issue arises, both the customer and the AIS Support Services team will be alerted to it immediately.?

AIS Introduces the First-Ever Smart App for Web Measurement and Process Control systems.

The technology is unveiled at ICEC-USA-2021

GaugeView App

AIS Gauging unveils the Olympus O-Frame

01/01/2015; Following our goal of pairing cutting edge design with simplicity of operation, AIS announces the release of our Olympus O-frame. This scanning frame is designed to incorporate all available sensors and consists of 100% off-the-shelf components which are carried by suppliers local to our customers. "We are very proud of this unit as it is the culmination of over 50 years of design and experience within the gauging industry." Says John Young, AIS President. "Maintenance is made easy by both concept and design. Further, this frame will be manufactured entirely by our In-House Manufacturing team which guarantees we meet our stringent quality requirements, as well as customer delivery expectations. The concept has always been to provide customers with a quality product that is affordable both in initial cost, as well as on-going cost of ownership. Further, providing a product that can be maintained with locally obtained parts was a must. This is what has always helped to define us as a company and has helped to ensure our continued growth."

AIS Gauging announces corporate facility building expansion

09/10/2014; With groundbreaking to begin in less than a week, the team at AIS Gauging are very excited about the upcoming expansion of the manufacturing and headquarters facility located in Terre Haute, Indiana. This expansion will be the fourth of it's kind, and comes only three years from the most recent building addition. "This expansion project will almost double our manufacturing area, as well as increase available space for gauging R&D" say's John Young, AIS Gauging President and RSO. "This enables us to perform more work in-house allowing us to control both manufacturing costs and system delivery times, all the while continuing to invest in research and development of new gauging technologies. This type of strategic growth stems from a solid foundation of cutting edge design along with excellent service and support. We are very proud of our team, our continuing customer relationships and the growth we have achieved."


AIS Gauging announces the release of the APOLLO Non-Contact Caliper Gauge

08/25/2014; The new gauge, with its innovative design, continues the AIS Gauging tradition of utilizing modular off-the-shelf components. The "Open Architecture" allows this device to integrate seamlessly into your existing control system, or it can be combined with our WonderWare solution for complete optimization. Select the APOLLO tab at left to learn more.


AIS Gauging announces Sam Deveraj to head Service and Support Group, Singapore

03/20/2014; Sam comes to us with many years of experience in the industry through prior positions in both gauging sales and support. In his new position he will continue to reside with his family in Singapore, while providing oversite in-country as well as throughout India and Indonesia.

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