Believed to be the first of its kind, a new smart-device app from AIS Gauging, Terre Haute, IN, continuously monitors essential process variables ? as well as ? the operational health of AIS gauges and automatically alerts key personnel if problems arise. The new app, which will be offered with each new gauging system installed, will make its debut at ICEC USA 2021. The Cloud-based app, called GaugeView, was developed in association with AIS?s push toward total sensor measurement and process control integration into the users Industry 4.0/IIoT environments. The app, which can be downloaded to any smartphone, tablet or other smart device, continuously monitors the operational status of the product measurement system and sends a push-alert if process problems are identified. Users can then make control changes to bring the process back into tolerance, maintaining endproduct quality.

  GaugeView Mobile Monitoring

As an added benefit, the app also monitors the health of the gauging system through 16
key variables for each measurement sensor installed. The variables are then compared to
configured limits within the system and the app then delivers a similar push-alert should any attribute drift out of specification. The app can even track mechanical and electrical systems and compare the usage to maintenance intervals and provide push-notifications when services are required. ?No other gauging system supplier provides this level of monitoring and support to ensure maximum product quality and system reliability,? says John Young, president of AIS Gauging. ?We developed this app to give our customers secure and direct access to their process measurement and control system anywhere and at any time. However, imagine the peace-of-mind it gives our customers to know their systems are being monitored 24/7 and that, if any issue arises, both the customer and the AIS Support Services team will be alerted to it immediately.?